History of Essential Oils

I suppose if you had never read (or even scanned) the Bible or if you remembered nothing from ancient history class, you might think that essential oils are brand new. After all, while they made their first appearance in natural health food stores, they are now available everywhere from department stores to gas stations.  Très populaire. 

“Mmmm… they smell good,” some say as they gather up bottles of lavender, lemon, and vanilla.  Many of them do smell good, but definitely not all of them, and if you have ever taken too strong of a whiff of clary sage or thyme, you know what I am talking about.

The truth is that people have been using essential oils for centuries. The Bible alone references oils, aromas, and plants over 600 times for healing, beauty, and holy anointing. Even without the Bible we have evidence of plant oil recipes written in Egyptian hieroglyphics, and even King Tut’s tomb was found to have jars of essential oils (Axe, Rubin, Bollinger).