Happy Skin Organic Tea Tree and Lavender (Pre-Diluted)

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If you are looking for a new morning routine, Happy Skin is here to help. Coconut oil and lavender are two of the best plant products for radiant skin, but when you add in a dash of the antiseptic power of tea tree? Believe this: your face has a new BFF, and its name is Happy Skin.

Happy Skin can be used as a moisturizer on your face first thing in the morning under foundation (let it soak in first!) or as an antibacterial First Aid for cuts, blisters, or burns.

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Happy Skin can be used to treat acne, clean infections/cuts, and even aid with toenail fungus issues. The therapeutic compounds of Alpha- and Y-Terpinenes, Terpinen-r-ol, and P-Cymene in tea tree plus the Linalool and Linalyl Acetate in lavender give skin irritations the one-two punch. 


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