Peppy Relief Organic Peppermint (Pre-Diluted)

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Peppy Relief pre-diluted peppermint essential oil is great for sore muscles and sore minds. Rub a little on your aching back after playing too hard or driving too long. It feels great on thighs after workouts or in the morning when those stiff calves are screaming at you when your heel hits the floor. When that end-of-the-day headache threatens to creep in or your co-workers are on your nerves, dab some on your temples by your hairline and take some deep breaths from the bottle. Ahhh, centered again.

Restaurants give out peppermints after meals to freshen your breath, yes, but peppermint also aids in digestion. Don’t be afraid to slip Peppy Relief under your shirt and onto your belly to reduce heartburn, nausea, or embarrassing noises.

Handy Tip: Don’t rub Peppy Relief in your eyes. It is MUCH easier to wash your hands rather than wash your eyes after use.


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The refreshing aroma of peppermint comes from the therapeutic compounds of Menthol and Menthone, which relax muscles and soothe respiratory conditions, acting as a mild expectorant and providing relief for allergy symptoms. 


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