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Period Relief? Or Relief. Period.

The number of happy reviews on this product is astounding. Research the hormone balancing qualities of clary sage and holy basil as well as the cramping relief from cypress... so DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT.

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Ready to Roll® Peppy Relief Peppermint

You won't believe the relief you will get from peppermint's potential healing qualities: indigestion, muscle aches, nausea, bug bites, and more.

Smells Like Energy

Relaxation in a Bottle

Keep Diffuse It™ Lavender Bedside or Tub-side

Check out the scientific studies from and search 'lavender'. Mic drop.

Organic Heaven Right Here
  • Lavender

    "I use Diffuse It Lavender nearly every night. It's safe to use around my dog, and it calms my mind before sleep. 10/10 would recommend. I LOVE IT!" ~Brooke B.

    Best Lavender on the Market 
  • Happy Skin or Tattoo Tamer

    "This is the first time I've had a tattoo that didn't raise up with inflammation afterwards. I'll use this all of the time." ~ Crystal L.

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  • Peppy Relief Peppermint

    "Having two-a-day practices was tough at the beginning of every school year. Peppy relief on my calves really helped me pull through." ~Alex E.

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  • Daily Wellness

    "I put this on my palms every day at work and noticed that I didn't catch all of the viral stuff going around from school that my wife and daughter suffered through." ~Garrett W.

    Immune Support 
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Never underestimate your sense of smell!

You were given five senses for a reason, and your sense of smell can do oh-so-much-more than alert you to fire or cause you to salivate over Grandma's homemade rolls. Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and many have the scientific backing to demonstrate true healing and wellness.

Aromatherapy with Diffuse It™