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Flu Fighters Organic Essential Oils Combo Set

Flu Fighters Organic Essential Oils Combo Set

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Immune Support That Smells Like Clove and Cinnamon

The Best Organic Essential Oils Fight Viruses to Keep You Naturally Healthy.

Stay ahead of the game this winter and help your body fight all that is thrown at it with the Flu Fighters Combo Set of organic essential oils and blends. Start off with Ready to Roll's Thievin' (thieves) blend by rolling it on your palms every day. Enjoy the cinnamon and clove aroma as you give your body that extra boost of immune support.

Put eucalyptus in your diffuser while working or sleeping for that extra sinus clarity and breathability!

Finally, enjoy the winter season with Peppy Relief Organic Peppermint from Ready to Roll®. This bottle packs a powerful punch when it comes to helping with headaches, muscle aches, and even indigestion. Even the mental energy boost we get from organic peppermint at the end of a long day makes it worth it. 

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