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Hospitals, Heroin, and Healthcare

Hospitals, Heroin, and Healthcare

Learning About Over-the-Counter Drugs the Hard Way

Our Family's Path to Natural Remedies

When I stood in my dad's hospital room and listened to his nurse explain to us what his new 'kidney failure' diagnosis meant, I was stunned by her words that have stayed in my head ever since: "If you come in here because you've overdosed on heroin, I can save your life. But if you've taken too much ibuprofen, there's nothing I can do. It just has to run its course through your body, and it can and does cause kidney or liver failure." I was shocked that her hands were tied, and there was nothing she could do. Nothing? As in, NOTHING?

When OTC Medicines Catch Up to Your Liver and Kidneys

I had read the back of the ibuprofen bottle just like most people, and I did see the warning posted there, but this was the first time I had seen the real-life side effects. We don't know for a fact that it was the ibuprofen that caused his kidney failure -- my dad had numerous health issues over a span of 20 years -- but he had been taking a lot of the OTC pain medication to help alleviate his gout pain. Regardless, his years-long dialysis lifestyle began, and in my mind, it began because of a medication.

We Should All Research How Our Grandparents Resolved Ailments

Once we returned home from our visit, my husband and I all-but-threw-out the medicines in our house. We tucked them away in a First Aid kit for emergencies or camping trips rather than letting them sit in every bathroom cabinet. We embarked on a new path of learning how to deal with life's inconveniences in a more natural, herbal way, a way that was technically "traditional medicine" rather than modern.

Get a Doctor When You Need One, Definitely.

Before I go any further, please know that I have the utmost respect for the seeming miracles that modern medicine has been able to accomplish and the lives that have been saved as a result. I believe in plants and holistic solutions to most daily health annoyances, but I am no fool: If I were to get into a tragic car accident, need a broken arm set, or have a heart attack, please take me to the nearest trauma center so they can work their magic with all that is available to them. 

Headaches, Muscle Aches, Tummy Aches, Oh My...

When it comes to muscle pain, indigestion, or even fever, however, I have been astounded by the success of essential oils. Nearly a decade ago, when I first began this path, I was able to rid myself of a horrible headache just by inhaling peppermint essential oil, and the pain was gone in 60 seconds. No ibuprofen or acetaminophen required!

That was it. I had to know more. Over the next year I read over a dozen books on essential oils, surveyed countless studies on PubMed and GreenMedInfo, took a 12-week course from Dr. Josh Axe, and became a certified essential oil coach. Learning the chemistry of why the oils worked fascinated me. I may have a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in English, but my favorite class in college was always anatomy and physiology, and 30 years later I now understand why: I love the intricacies of how the body works, I love the power of herbs/plants, and I love the God-given connection we have to the earth that effortlessly provides solutions to our daily needs. 

Sherrie Miller, Owner of Essential for Wellness, in a gray apron creating essential oil blends.

From Teacher to Entrepreneur

My love of essential oils began in 2013, and by 2018 I started Essential for Wellness™ and trademarked my organic essential oil blends as Ready to Roll®. This year, due to overwhelming customer requests, I created Diffuse It™ Organic Essential Oils (undiluted) for the diffuser. In 2022, after 20+ years in education, I resigned from grading essays and took on my entrepreneurial passion of sharing essential oils with everyone who would listen. For someone who was constantly sick with a cold/flu/sinus bug, I haven't been sick since I started using them a decade ago... so of course I want others to see their benefits, too. Sometimes better health is just a breath away, and I hope you get to experience that, too.



Because the FDA has not approved essential oils for medicinal use, all of our essential oil descriptions will use terms like "support" and "may potentially improve" when explaining their benefits.

The NIH and PubMed have over 17,000 studies published about essential oils and GreenMedInfo has even more. If you have questions or concerns about essential oils, we recommend that you email us at as well as research online the answers that you seek.

We do not intend to replace your doctor's advice or interfere with your health regimen in any way. We wish only to share with you our successes and provide high-quality organic oils.


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